Anal, Group Hardcore, Classic (SD)

Original Title: Little Girls Lost / (Peter Balakoff (as Ted Roter) / VA Pictures) (Gena Lee, Jennifer West, Margaret Monroe (as Julie Anne), Shaun Michelle (as Shawn Michele), Tigr, Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards, John Hollyfield, John Leslie, R.W. Striker, Ron Jeremy, Bill Margold (as William Margold))

FileSize: 950.9 MB || Duration: 01:35:32
Extension: avi || Resolution: 576×432 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 29.970 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual

Genre: Anal, Group Hardcore, Classic
Country: USA
Director: Peter Balakoff (as Ted Roter)
* Gena Lee [Facial]
* Gloria Brown [NonSex]
* Hillary Scott [NonSex]
* Jennifer West
* Jillian St. James [NonSex]
* Margaret Monroe (as Julie Anne) [BJOnly]
* Lilli Diamond [NonSex]
* Monique Faberge [NonSex]
* Shaun Michelle (as Shawn Michele) [BJOnly]
* Tigr [Facial]
* Veronica Hart [Anal]
* Aeneid Vergil [NonSex]
* Robert Bullock (as Anthony Richardson) [NonSex]
* Eric Edwards
* John Hollyfield
* John Leslie
* R.W. Striker
* Ron Jeremy
* Ted Roter [NonSex]
* Bill Margold (as William Margold)
Date: 1982
Description: Eng
"Little Girls Lost", is a sensually erotic true-lo-life saga of the snares and pitfalls in the Hollywood star-making machine. The plot revolves around three beautiful aspiring actresses, Cathy, Alicia and Stephanie (Tigr, Veronica Hart and Gena Lee).Cathy, talented as well as beautiful, falls in love with a young student in her acting class named Paul (John Leslie), while Alicia has a torrid but brief fling with Aaron, the acting coach (Eric Edwards). Stephanie will do anything or anybody to get ahead, and falls for a handsome and dashing young director named Jeff (John Hollyfield). He turns out to be a sadistic cad who forces her to participate in a kaleidescopic sequence of sex acts with other young actors and actresses which he films for his friend’s enjoyment.Paul’s "cooperation" with a gay casting director ends his romance with Cathy, but her talent and determination — and a brilliant screentest — land her a leading role in a major Hollywood production.


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