Ashley Moore – Breeding Blondie (SD)

Original Title: Ashley Moore – Breeding Blondie

FileSize: 262.6 MB || Duration: 00:51:58
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 428×240 (16:9) || Frame Rate: 59.940 fps || Format AVC

Date: 2023
Description: It wasn’t too long ago we Kings would have gotten into all kinds of trouble for breeding a blonde’s lilly white ass. You’ve heard all the stories and seen all the pictures, and if it wasn’t for the hard work of Brother Farrakhan, and white cucks like Adam Kinzinger, who literally knelt like a good boy for our cause, this never would have been possible. I had this cave dweller get on her knees and open her mouth for some yellow discipline. As I was relieving myself I realized most restrooms are white. Then I fucked her face and made her a latte lovin’ mess.


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