Bonnie And Clyde Outlaws Of Love (SD)

Original Title: Bonnie And Clyde: Outlaws Of Love / (Paul Thomas, Vivid) (Ashlyn Gere, Francesca Le, Nikki Dial, Racquel Darrian, Derek Lane, Micky Ray, Nick East, Randy West)

FileSize: 692.2 MB || Duration: 01:30:05
Extension: avi || Resolution: 432×320 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 23.976 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual

Country: USA
Director: Paul Thomas
Alex Jordan, Ashlyn Gere, Francesca Le, Jonathan Morgan, Nick East, Nikki Dial, Racquel Darrian, Randy West, Tom Chapman.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Ashlyn Gere, Randy West
Scene 2. Racquel Darrian
Scene 3. Francesca Le, Nikki Dial
Scene 4. Francesca Le, Nikki Dial, Micky Ray, Nick East
Scene 5. Racquel Darrian, Derek Lane
Date: 1993
Description: Vivid Immortalizes the legend of Bonnie And Clyde in a spectacular triumph of period sets, memorable performances and stunning stars. Led by beautiful Racquel Darrian and the sultry Ashlyn Gere. It’s Paul Thomas’ most ambitious production since Vivid’s ground-breaking film Sinderella. And if our Bonnie & Clyde have their way, they’ll follow Sinderella all the way to Number 1. With a bullet.


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