Damon Christian, Satire, Feature, Classic, Straight (SD)

Original Title: Nudes at Eleven / (Damon Christian, AVC) Tracey Adams, Tish Ambrose, Jeannie Pepper etc

FileSize: 700.2 MB || Duration: 01:14:18
Extension: avi || Resolution: 640×464 (1.379) || Frame Rate: 29.970 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual

Genre: Interracial, Satire, Feature, Classic, Straight
Country: USA
Director: Damon Christian
Cast: Tracey Adams, Bambi Allen, Tish Ambrose, Breezy Lane, Micala Davidson, Jeannie Pepper, Julie, Johnny Nineteen, Francois Papillon, Jeff Scott, Jason Brooks, Steve Drake, Bill Margold, J. D., Wayne Stevens, Damon Christian, Jerry Butler, Richard Aldrich.
Date: 1986
Description: This romp is a fast-paced send-up of ’60 Minutes,’ except that in this flick it’s known as ’69 Minutes,’ of course. Curvaceous cutie Tracey Adams serves as your host, guiding viewers on a globe-hopping look at sexual customs around the world. Or something like that. We begin in Sweden, where a trio of Frenchies are competing in the Tenth Annual Cunnilingus Championship. After this mouthwatering opening salvo, we head off to Japan, where Tish Ambrose and Jeff Scott engage in a goofy bout of Eastern-tinged eroticism, complete with the ubiquitous instant cameras around their necks. In the Middle Eastern land of Labia, we meet Arab despot William Margold, who appeals to then-President Reagan to send him a buxom California beach bunny. Surprisingly, one promptly shows up and treats him to a blistering boff session right then and there. This is followed by a really daft segment in which the American and Soviet ambassadors are interviewed by Tracey as only she can. Toss in a goofy parody of an Andy Rooney segment starring Jerry Butler and you’ve got a perfect example of a mid-80s spoof-style sexvid. Fun from start to finish!
"Collector’s Choice!" — X-Rated Videotape Guide II.


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