Elisabeth Swiss, Oral, Anal, Brunette, Blonde, Bobbed hair (SD)

Original Title: Penner Alfred / (N/A, MMV) (Agness Grimaldi as Petra, Edina Marcos as Edina, Elena Maria Ricci as Rosette, Lisa Gaston as Sissi, Suzy Wrong as Hannelore, Thunde Virgin as Ute)

FileSize: 967.4 MB || Duration: 02:13:18
Extension: wmv || Resolution: 512×384 (4:3) || Frame Rate: fps || Format WMV2

Agness Grimaldi as Petra
Edina Marcos as Edina
Elena Maria Ricci as Rosette
Lisa Gaston as Sissi
Suzy Wrong as Hannelore
Thunde Virgin as Ute

Scene 1. Edina Marcos, Chris Charming
Scene 2. Agness, Chris Charming
Scene 3. Livia Balla, Chris Charming
Scene 4. Silvie Raz, Chris Charming
Scene 5. Elisabeth Swiss, Chris Charming
Scene 6. Suzy Wrong, Attila, Chris Charming
Date: 1999
Description: Alfred is a dirty bum. But this guy, no matter how dirty or stinky he is, still manages to score some great pussy. Anal, oral and not to mention looking around in garbage is what this movie is about!


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