Emmy Kristen (SD)

Original Title: Emmy Kristen (EU) (46), Torquemada (36) – Emmy Kristen is a blonde MILF who loves to fuck and suck her neighbours hard cock (14882)

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Cast: Emmy Kristen (EU) (46), Torquemada (36)
Date: 26-02-2023
Description: We at mature.nl love affairs. Especially with hot blonde Milf’s nex door. So does this young man, who happens to live next to Emmy Kristen, a very hot blonde MILF. She’s the dream of every man living in their apartment complex. Long legs, beautiful blue eyes, perky small tits but very much to herself. She doesn’t talk that much with the other residents and keeps mostly to herself. Except to her direct neighbour. He’s the only one who has a regular talk with the hot blonde MILF and they occasionally borrow thing from eachother.
This evening the guy came over to MILF Emmy Kristen to return a plate he had borrowed. She let him in and asked if he wanted to have a drink. They sat on the couch talking about normal stuff, when out of a sudden hot MILF Emmy Kristen started to seduce her neighbour. It came as a total surprise, but the guy suddenly became horny as hell because this perfectly blonde MILF came on to him.
Things started to heat up and what everybody always thought about Emmy Kristen being a shy little mouse, was all wrong. This hot Blonde MILF was a very nympho cougar. She was all over his hard cock and before you could say MILF she would have that dick deep in her mouth sucking it to the fullest. She would sit on top of her neighbour and ride his face followed by his cock. They would fuck and fuck all evening long. This MILF Neighbour was a beast in the sack, and would ride him so hard, he hardly could keep up the pace.
This evening was the evening that everybody in the building changed their minds about hot blonde MILF Emmy Kristen, because we think theat everybody heard what happened that evening in her apartment.


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