Erika Cool, Ellen Earl, Brigitte Lahaie – Classic (SD)

Original Title: Intimate Diary Of A Whore / Journal intime d’une salope / (Claude Bernard-Aubert (Burd Tranbaree), Alpha France) (Jenny Feeling, Cristel Lauris, Erika Cool, Karine Gambier, Amanda, Daniele Troeger, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Pareze, Martine Grimaud, Brigitte Lahaie, Elisabeth Bure, Richard Allan, Bernard Hug, Antoine Fontaine, Gabriel Coez)

FileSize: 862.3 MB || Duration: 01:20:16
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 852×480 (16:9) || Frame Rate: 29.891 fps || Format AVC

Country: France
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (Burd Tranbaree)
Jenny Feeling
Cristel Lauris
Erika Cool
Karine Gambier
Daniele Troeger
Ellen Earl
Emmanuelle Pareze
Martine Grimaud
Brigitte Lahaie
Elisabeth Bure
Richard Allan
Bernard Hug
Antoine Fontaine
Gabriel Coez
Date: 1979
Description: When these two bosom buddies get together any and every kinky, depraved and debauched acts are bound to happen! They share everything; including their sexual exploits with each other. It’s only natural that after a lesbian liaison one friend introduces the other into a world of orgies, group sucking and fucking and more spunk spewing orgies in this classic blast from the past courtesy of Alpha France studios!


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