Goetz Groh, Brunello Chiodetti. Roberto. Emanuelle – Adult (SD)

Original Title: Il mondo porno di due sorelle / (Franco Rossetti (as Fred Gardner), Anaconda Film) (Sherry Buchanan, Paola Montenero, Marina Hedman (as Marina Frajese), Brunello Chiodetti, Daniele Dublino, Catherine Zago (as Catherin Zago), Angela La Vorgna (as Ann Janette La Vorgna), Goetz Groh, Mauro Frittella)

FileSize: 1.62 GB || Duration: 01:26:56
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 768×576 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 25.000 fps || Format AVC

Country: Italy
Director: Franco Rossetti (as Fred Gardner)
Sherry Buchanan … Emanuelle / Roberto’s wife
Paola Montenero … Giovanna / Emanuelle’s sister
Marina Hedman … Rossella (as Marina Frajese)
Brunello Chiodetti … Roberto / Emanuelle’s husband
Daniele Dublino … Andy
Catherine Zago … Emanuela’s mother (as Catherin Zago)
Angela La Vorgna … (as Ann Janette La Vorgna)
Goetz Groh
Mauro Frittella
Date: 1979
Description: An unhappy housewife desperately seeks to free herself from the brutal sexual excesses forced upon her by her husband. She attempts to find solice in an affair with a younger man, but is abused by him as well. In desperation she turns to her sister Giovanna (Joanna), who runs a brothel, specializing in sado-masochistic games. With Giovanna’s help, our heroine plots her revenge upon the men who have mistreated her with a display of sexual excess.


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