James Price, Jesse Adams – 80, Classic, Lesbo, All sex (SD)

Original Title: 8 to 4 (Louis Lewis / Caballero) (Annette Haven, Tigr (as Chelsea McClane), Veronica Hart, Juliet Anderson, Lee Caroll, Lisa DeLeeuw, Loni Sanders, Hershel Savage, James Price, Jesse Adams, Scorpio (as Michael Scott), Mike Horner, Paul Thomas)

FileSize: 1.37 GB || Duration: 01:16:25
Extension: avi || Resolution: 656×496 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 23.976 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual

Country: USA
Director: Louis Lewis
Cast: Annette Haven, Hershel Savage, James Price, Jesse Adams, Jesse Eastern, Juliet Anderson (Facial), Lee Caroll, Lisa DeLeeuw, Loni Sanders, Michael Scott, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Tigr, Veronica Hart
Date: 1981
Description: "A spoof of 9 to 5 utitizes all the office techniques when it comes to sex. Annette Haven and super sizzling lesbian scenes make this adult film a must to see. Hustler’s Highest Rating!"
– HUSTLER MAGAZINE."Great locations, fantastic fucking and a sense of humor make this a classic take off. The photocopier scene is memorable… Xerox could have used it. Annette Haven is her natural gorgeous self and once again, Juliet Anderson delivers a sac draining finale. You can overlook the theme song."
– LekaFeka from Midwest USA"Luscious Loni Sanders and tantalizing Tigr give Jesse Adams a wonderous workout atop the copy machine that may never be duplicated… Veronica Hart and Annette Haven are simply incapable of a boring moment on screen."
– Cheri Magazine


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