Linda Adamovicha, Natacha, Tara King, Kim BSG, Su Ann – Feature (SD)

Original Title: Golden Triangle 2 / (Pierre Woodman, Private) (April Summer, Kim BSG, Linda Adamovicha (as Linda), Mame Yong, Natacha, Sidonie Lavour, Su Ann, Tara King, Alain Deloin, David Perry, Frank Versace, Jack Slater, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Marc Hansen, Philippe Soine, Salvatore, Silvio Evangelista)

FileSize: 2.23 GB || Duration: 01:36:59
Extension: avi || Resolution: 512×384 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 25.000 fps || Format MPEG-4 Visual

Country: Sweden
Director: Pierre Woodman
Cast: April Summer, Kim BSG, Linda Adamovicha, Mame Yong, Natacha, Sidonie Lavour, Su Ann, Tara King
Date: 1994
Description: in "Golden Triangle 2", the cops, Rick and Jennifer, get involved in double penetrations, gang-bangs and a lot of lick and suck — all in one the most exotic places in the Far East.


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