Nesty A & Shrima Malati (HD)

Original Title: Nesty A & Shrima Malati (Precious Moments Episode 3 – Untwine)

FileSize: 688.9 MB || Duration: 00:22:15
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9) || Frame Rate: 25.000 fps || Format AVC

Cast: Nesty A & Shrima Malati
Date: 2016
Description: Blonde Nesty and brunette Shrima Malati – making her Viv Thomas debut – are out in the yard. Pigtailed country girl Shrima is raking the lawn while Nesty is taking a bath in the glorious sunshine; she cups water onto her perky breasts and rubs soap over her nipples, turning herself on while her friend does all the work. Shrima looks gorgeous in her white shorts and tight pink vest, nipples like bullets. When she comes to sit with her friend it’s clear what she’s thinking, but she takes her time, eating an apple as she watches Nesty intently. Stripping off her t-shirt, Shrima starts to massage Nesty’s shoulders, nibbling on her ear and kissing her neck as her hands roam down onto her girlfriend’s breasts. She slides her hand beneath the water to stroke Nesty’s pussy. Nesty grasps her friend’s wrist to control the pace, raising her body out of the water and grinding on Shrima’s fingers. Sprawled on the rim of the tub, Nesty moans with pleasure as Shrima lovingly sucks on her clit, spreading her labia open with her tongue and lapping at her hole. At last, Shrima joins her in the tub, sitting in the water as Nesty stands and presses her ass into Shrima’s face. Her pussy is licked and tongued hard, her orgasm overwhelming. Nesty treats her lover well, easing her back in the water, her tongue finding its way down to Shrima’s dark pussy, probing inside her as the brunette whimpers in ecstasy. Nesty fingers her skilfully, exposing her hot pink hole and kneading her clit. She strokes and licks Shrima’s pussy to a lip-biting orgasm; the lovers kiss passionately through the afterglow.


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