Penny Lane, Sean Michaels, Flame, Leanna Foxxx – Feature (SD)

Original Title: Anal Attack / (Milton Ingley, Zane Entertainment Group) (Flame, Kay Martin, Leanna Foxxx, Penny Lane, Sandra Scream, Biff Malibu, Buck Adams, Sean Michaels, Woody Long)

FileSize: 1014.2 MB || Duration: 01:13:11
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 640×480 (4:3) || Frame Rate: 29.970 fps || Format AVC

Country: USA
Director: Milton Ingley
Flame [Anal Facial IR]
Kay Martin [Anal Facial]
Leanna Foxxx [Anal]
Penny Lane [Anal IR]
Sandra Scream
Biff Malibu
Buck Adams
Sean Michaels
Woody Long
Date: 1991
Description: In this latest exercise in imagination stretching, Leanna Foxxx is in a Beverly Hills apartment that has been converted into a prison. Seems that San Quentin is filled. She and the guard Biff Malibu sit on a couch and talk about anal encounters between prisoners and guards at other luxury annexes of the California penal system. Buck Adams must have committed some crime because his cell is an outdoor one with a swimming pool. In other words, folks, the Biff/Leanna scene is just the wraparounder while the other stuff is the wraparoundee. None of it is overly erotic or original in concept with Sandra Scream and Woody Long, here billed as Buster Cockburm, taking bottom honors. Penny Lane, not seen in awhile, contributes the only life to this minor effort, but not enough.


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