Roxy Cox – Daddy Fucks Daughters Bully (Full HD)

Original Title: Roxy Cox – Daddy Fucks Daughters Bully

FileSize: 1.29 GB || Duration: 00:18:14
Extension: mp4 || Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9) || Frame Rate: 30.000 fps || Format AVC

Cast: Roxy Cox
Date: 2022-12-20
Description: MY FIRST EVER BOY GIRL ANAL VIDEO! You confront me your daughter’s bully in a bid to stop the bullying once and for all but instead you seduce me into cheating with you. Did your wife send you over here to have a word with me….smirking as I mock her & your daughter. She’s such a bookworm have you seen how she dresses, all covered up like she’s got something to hide. Aww precious angel did she come running home to Mommy & Daddy to tell on me? She’s brings it on herself, everyone hates her cause she’s a goody two shoes. Your wife couldn’t even bring herself to face me I know she’s be itimidated by a younger, hotter girl. But your not used to that are you, living with two stuck up bitches must be so boring for you. Maybe if your daughter wasn’t such a prude she’d be more popular like me. You can see why I’m so likeable, look at me guys can’t resist me. You convince me I shouldn’t worry so much about my daughter or that fact that I’m married and just have some fun with you instead. I play with my hair, rubbing my hands over my tits, as I seduce you into the idea of fooling around and cheating on your wife and thinking about what you really want. I know you want me and if you give me what I want maybe I’ll stop picking on your little angel. You couldn’t fight the urge and had to get your throbbing cock out as you let the bully jerk you off and suck your dick as your daughter walks in on you both to witness you cheating. Bully grins as she tells your daughter how easy it was to convince her dad to get his big dick out, now your going to understand why he likes me more and I’m daddy’s favourite girl now. Bully continues to humiliate daughter sucking her father off, telling her how she’s going to break up her parents and ruin their marriage. Telling her to watch like a good little virgin & learn how to handle a fat cock. Your daddy loves me not you, how does it feel knowing your own father chose me over you and your mom. Daddy pushing my head down to gag on it, he loves fucking my mouth as I slobber all over that huge cock. Daddy isn’t finished yet bitch, now he’s going to fuck my ass right in front of you. He slides inside my tight asshole, telling him to use my ass and tell his dumb daughter he hates her. Daddy wants to fill lil butthole, such a good slut for daddy letting him stretch my ass. Begging for daddy’s load deep in my ass, he fills me up with a big creampie with some leaking out after getting pounded hard. I’ll always be Daddy favourite girl bitch you’ve been replaced.


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